1. a_zed24

    Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Hello there, do all wound infections transform into toxic shock syndrome? I know the answer is no, because TSS is very rare, but why is that? -Thanks!
  2. apoplectic

    MD & DO Step 1 Microbiology Bacteria Trigger Words

    Murray’s Microbiology has helpful sections in each chapter listing pathogens and trigger words. The following is a list of bacteria only and their trigger words that I found useful for Step 1 review. The Murray text also provides similar associations for viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc. Refer to...
  3. a_zed24

    Bottom of the biofilm

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what is the bacterial growth phase in the bottom of a biofilm? I know bottom bacteria are dormant... Does it mean they are in the stationary phase? Thanks
  4. a_zed24

    Disk diffusion method

    Hello there, does anyone know why do we perform the diagnosis step during the disk diffusion method to test the bacterial susceptibility towards the used antibiotics? By "diagnosis step" (as our prof. called it) I mean that step in which we examine the bacterial culture to determine what type of...