bad test grades

  1. O

    Need advice on applying for 2016

    Hey guys! So here's a little bit of a backstory. I initially was intending to take a year off, but decided to give it a go and apply for 2016. Due to this last minute decision, I only allotted myself 2 weeks to study for the OAT (I know bad idea). I ended up getting a 270 aa and 240 ts. However...
  2. Eramere

    What am I doing wrong while studying for Chem tests?

    Hi all, I'm about at my wits' end. I'm a freshman, and no matter how much I study, I never do well on my chemistry tests. I KNOW it's me, not the professor or the class, because, while many people fail the tests, there are always people who get in the low 90's, so I know I can do better if...