beginning a private practice

  1. T

    Physical Therapy Space

    Hi everyone! We have a 3800 sqft space that is available for a good portion of the day M-F and thought it would be a great place for someone to start out with their practice. Also, open for Saturday and Sunday! We have all the equipment available and are located in Lodi, California. Please let...
  2. Sushirolls

    Practice in Progress

    Building a private practice, N of 1. Enjoy. Month zero: Grand plan was to use money from inpatient gig where independent contractor doing own billings to expedite insurance paneling, so all I had to do was switch over the practice address once opened. Long story short, not a quality place I...
  3. L

    LPC requesting feedback from community re: Private Practice

    Hello all, I am very interested in feedback from Psychiatry med students and Psychiatrists practicing in various settings (Private Practice, Hospitals, etc.) regarding some research for a future Private Practice (Fall 2016). First off, I am a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor in the...