1. J

    Passed 2018 Naplex (Free Resources)

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience with the NAPLEX in 2018. I passed using only free resources. Here are my thoughts. Overall impressions of the exam, very comprehensive. You literally have to have a very broad knowledge base. When it comes to specific topics, nothing stood out...
  2. I

    FOAMed and other resources for ENTs

    Hello everyone. Are there free open-access medical education resources specifically for ENT? It seems that Emergency Medicine has a ton (Life In The Fast Lane and EP Monthly blogs, EMCrit and EM Basic podcasts to name a few) but I am having a hard time looking for something specific to ENT. I'm...
  3. envirodoc

    Anesthesia Blogs

    Hey Everyone - just wanted to share a resource with you all and hopefully prompt some social media sharing. How many people out there blog or write regularly on a social media platform about Anesthesiology? or about any aspect of medicine? I did a conference presentation on the Anesthesia...
  4. D

    Medical School blog: Osteopathic route

    When I first began thinking about applying to medical school I did not think I was interested in going the osteopathic route at all. I was sent on becoming an MD. However, I decided to shadow a D.O. anyways and fell in love with the osteopathic mindset. I then applied to D.O. schools and am now...
  5. White Coat Money

    Free Personal Finance Blog for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows

    Hi everyone, just want to let you all know about my blog White Coat Money http://www.whitecoatmoney.com/ It's a personal finance blog where we focus on topics relevant to the young medical professional. Thanks, WCM
  6. Y

    Would anyone be interested in contributing to a website?

    Would anyone here be interested in contributing to a website, meant to motivate and inspire jaded medical students? Where medical students can contribute ideas, thoughts, and motivational experiences. Do you all see a need for this?
  7. Y

    Technology Website for Medical Students/Residents to Share Experiences within Medical Education

    Hi, If you're looking to share your experiences within medical education or share your inspirational stories, here's an opportunity to do so, at www.whitecoated.com Alternatively, if you're not a writer, you can like Facebook.com/whitecoated to get updates on the most interesting pieces...
  8. Y

    Student Organization / Association Call for Submissions from Medical Students and Residents

    Hi! If anyone is interested in submitting a piece to a platform for medical students and residents, check out www.whitecoated.com, a platform designed to inspire, educate, and empower. Submissions eligible are: > Moving pieces of inspirational medicine or pieces displaying the humanism in...