blood gases

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    Positive Base Excess

    In a venous blood gas, when is a positive value for Base Excess ever used? I understand in general how many critical care physicians will use a negative base excess to indicate the presence of an acidosis, and maybe to help make a calculation for bicarb when that is indicated. But positive...
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    Explanation for this Arterial blood gas?

    Hello everyone. I'd like an explanation for this ABG: It should represent a slight metabolic acidosis.. correct? in positive case, what kind of anion GAP do we have? Could you explain the possible causes of this happening, and the primary reasons of the illness? Ph 7. 34 pCo2 36 pO2 80...
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    Pharmacist role with blood gases

    How can pharmacists make an impact with interpreting blood gases? In other words, if you see a patient has a metabolic acidosis, what should we look out for with their medications or fluids? I'm just curious...thanks!