boiling point

  1. a_zed24

    Effect of a soluble volatile impurity on the boiling point?

    Hello everyone, sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question. Just wanted to know how does a soluble, volatile impurity affect the boiling point of a liquid? I know it depends on the difference between the boiling points of the liquid and the impurity, but i'm afraid i still didn't...
  2. O

    Boiling Point of fatty acids

    Hey guys, How is the boiling point of saturated and cis- trans-unsaturated fatty acids related? I know that cis-unsaturated fatty acids have greater boiling point due to dipole-dipole interaction, but how do the boiling point of saturated FA and trans-unsaturated FA relate? What is the correct...
  3. D

    Boiling point comparison between of H2S, H2Se, H2Te

    So the actual trend here is H2S<H2Se<H2Te. What I dont understant is that H2S has the strongest dipole dipole interaction and since dipole-dipole interaction is stronger than dispersion force, H2S really should have higher boiling point than H2Se but why is it the opposite?