1. D

    Are we able to get licensed to do Botox & filler during residency?

    My question is whether an MD degree is enough to be able to get certified to do Botox & filler. I heard you can’t purchase it until after residency, but are we able to do the certification courses prior to finishing residency? I can’t find an answer anywhere. Thank you!
  2. Sage of Pale Bones

    Books/ guides on the various Neuro Fellowships/ Subspecialties?

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone has any resources pertaining to the various neuro fellowships (particularly Epilepsy, Neuromuscular, Movement Disorders, and CNP) that can elaborate on: What do they do in private practice/ hospital settings in terms of outpatient vs inpatient Unique skills...
  3. B

    OMS: Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship (CODA Accredited)

    Name of Fellowship: Robert Wood Johnson/Barnabas: Monmouth Medical Center Fellowship in Facial Cosmetic Surgery Director: Manolis G. Manolakakis, DMD,FACS Location: Monmouth County, NJ Monmouth Medical Center: Long Branch, NJ Advanced Facial Surgery: NY/NY and Shrewsbury, NJ Jersey Shore...
  4. N

    Private Practice

    I am planning to start a practice in New York, will appreciate some input. 1. What federal or state requirements does medical space need to have ? are sinks a must ? or would hand sanitizers meet requirements ? (build out too expensive, common area restroom right outside office) OSHA only or...