cal state fullerton

  1. A

    Bad to take Physics at a Cal State?

    Hello, I am a first year at UCLA and am wondering how bad it would be for me to take physics at a Cal State over the summer instead of at UCLA? I would take the classes over two summers. I have no physics background, but have taken calculus. I have done well my first two quarters so far. Thank...
  2. FutureMDKatie

    Cal State Fullerton: Bio major to medical school

    Anyone here went to cal state Fullerton and is now in med school?
  3. F

    To be a Health Science vs Biology major....?

    I just got accepted to CSUF for fall 2016 as a Biology major. :) I am not someone with a lot of time to just focus on school only. I have a 6 year old son & I work part-time to be able to go to school. I want to do Pharmacy school later down the road. Is biology a very tough major? Should I...