california licensure

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    California Psychology Licensure Question

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in years past, but the course landscape has changed here in California so I hope it's okay to revisit. Since JFK has closed, my understanding is that the only online course that meets requirements for the Substance Abuse Detection and Treatment...
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    CPJE March -April 2017

    Just a thread for these testing this days. Hi there fellow Pharmacist or future to be Pharmacist! Please post if you have taken CPJE and date that you took it or will take it. Let us know the date you got your results and if you pass. Study hard and good luck to all!!!
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    California NAPLEX Scores

    Hi everyone! Since we are not an online reporting state.... My letter has not arrived and I'm getting nervous.. - When did you take it? - When did you get your letter? Also.. Is there truth to the website saying "Registration closed/Score Transfer". Can anyone confirm with "Null" if you did...