campbell university

  1. B

    Campbell School of Pharmacy Question

    Hello everyone, I am applying to pharmacy school this summer and I had a question for someone who goes to Campbell University currently. I just want to know about the student life. If anyone could just private message me that would be great.
  2. medstudent1215

    Campbell University SOM Interview Coordination

    Hey, I was hoping to make a thread specific for coordinating some travel expenses together for hotels, transportation, etc. I guess I'll start off by noting that I am interviewing on 8/14/2018, and am interested in splitting a room with one or more people to minimize costs.
  3. N

    Campbell University HPREP program

    Well I gotten accepted into Campbell University's Health Profession Readiness and Enrichment program (HPREP) for the summer. I was wondering if anyone else got accepted into the program this year or if anyone who was in the program in previous years can shed some light on the program.
  4. E

    Campbell University Pharmacy Interview

    Has anyone received interview invitations to Campbell yet? And if so, any feedback or sample questions? Thanks.