1. O

    Canadian Students attending Optometry schools in the United States

    Hello dear Canadians, Since the cost of education is a bit higher in the US especially for Canadians I was wondering how do you manage the financial costs? Did you apply for a student line of credit? If so, I will appreciate your advice on that? I like to know which banks do offer a student line...
  2. C

    Canadian OMFS Specialty Exam (NDSE)

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if there are any Canadians on these boards that are taking this June's OMFS specialty exam (National Dental Specialty Exam). Wondering what people are using to study. Open to PMs too! Thanks, Contach
  3. Adele.D

    Is anyone here accepted to Trent Uni. for this September?

    Hi. I got accepted for Bio.med next year at Trent University in Ontario. Just wondering if anyone else on here is also going there. I'd be cool to meet some people before first semester. :)
  4. S

    Canadian applicant

    Hey everyone, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but I had questions about being a Canadian applicant to American schools. In Canada, it seems that GPA is more important than the MCAT whereas in the States, that's not necessarily true? So if my GPA is around 3.9 and my MCAT score is 521...