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cardiac output

  1. A

    stroke volume question

    Stroke volume is the amount of blood ejected by the ventricle in one beat and is determined by ventricular preload, afterload, and contractility. How can stroke volume be decreased? a) Increase heart rate b) Increase ventricular contraction c) Decrease aortic pressure d) Decrease total...
  2. StrongBeliever

    what does venous tone mean?

    In my book it says, increased venous tone increases venous return, but what does venous tone mean?:)
  3. dchz

    ECOM cardiac output monitor.

    Anyone heard of this new cardiac output monitor? It's a ET tube with transducers that measure the impedance of the aorta, match that info from A lines and gives out the variables of CO, CI, SV, SVV, and SVR. I spent a while looking at the electrodes on the ET tube, trying to figure out how it...
  4. W

    Contractility, MAP, and Kinetic energy of blood

    Hi everyone, It would seem to me that blood pressure would be due to the amount of blood in a vessel as well as the force that blood was ejected from the left ventricle with since blood ejected with a greater force could exert a greater force on the wall of an artery. However, the equation for...
  5. P

    How can catecholamines decrease CO after hemorrhage?

    Hi folks, I have a question regarding the effects of catecholamines on cardiac output. My professor in physiology has stated that chatecholamines, when administered to patients suffering from severe hemorrhage can cause a decrease in cardiac output. Why is this? My intuition says that an...
  6. ForHumors

    Cardiac Physio- Right atrial pressure as a proxy for EDV

    Hey guys, I have something that I can't seem to find well-explained. Venous return and cardiac output curves use right atrial pressure on the X-axis. Costanzo says that it is used as a proxy for end diastolic volume but does not explain why right atrial pressure can be used instead in this...