cardiac physiology

  1. C

    Stroke volume, Total peripheral resistance and Cardiac output

    Hey guys so I'm slightly confused about these 3 things. From what I understand, Blood pressure= Cardiac output x Total peripheral resistance Cardiac output= Stroke volume * Heart rate Stroke volume depends on 3 things- preload, contractility, and afterload. When baroreceptors detect a low...
  2. Polycherry

    How do you define ERP in slow fibres?

    In SA node and AV node, how is ERP - effective refractory period defined and how does it change with sym or psymp activation? Like its pretty clear in purkinje cells but what about these slow fibre? Considering that calcium channel transitions are time depepndent does it include phase4 (or a...
  3. T

    Cardio Phys midterm question stumped me.

    I recently had a question in a Cardiac Physiology exam that left me scratching my head: the question was, as best I can recall: The absence of (or extreme decrease in) Reactive Hyperemia would be most indicative of what condition? a. Atherosclerosis b. CHF (and the other two questions...