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  1. V

    MCAT 4/8/22, Looking for CARS Strategies

    Hello, I have been consistently scoring in the 125-127 range in CARS, and I am trying to score 130+. Does anyone have any CARS strategies to help me reach my goal?
  2. CJhooper123

    Reflection on CARS

    Would like to preface this by saying - I'm not great at CARS but I really got after it trying to improve. I scored a 122 my first MCAT and a 126 my second MCAT. This post is for those who struggle big time at CARS and are trying to tack on an extra 3+ points. CARS is a pain but absolutely...
  3. Singerpremed

    499 (124/123/124/128) --> 512 (126/130/126/130) in 40 days

    9/19 MCAT: 512, 87%tile CP-126: 67%tile / CARS-130: 98%tile / BB-126: 65%tile / PS-130: 96%tile 6/30 MCAT: 499, 47%tile CP-124: 44%tile / CARS-123: 36%tile / BB-124: 42%tile / PS-128: 84%tile Hi guys this MCAT journey has been long and hard for me. Today, I was absolutely shocked to find I...
  4. S

    Is it my comprehension issue?

  5. God's_Child

    How I went from a 488 diagnostic to a 509

    1) Composite score: 509 (82nd percentile) PS: 127 CARS: 127 BS: 128 Psych: 127 2) Practice Test: I took Kaplan FL exams and the official AAMC scored. I took the exam twice, once in January and once in May. I was hoping to hit it on the first shot but I fell into pitfalls the 1st time around...
  6. O

    Any MCAT CARS tips to get a better score

    Hello fellow future doctors, I have been doing okay in the other sections on the practice MCAT exams but for some reason, CARS has been the only section that I haven't been improving on :(. I started at a score of 123 then improved to 125 but for the next 3 FL exams (NS), I seen no...
  7. Chromie12

    Dying for CARS, how can I improve? Materials?

    I've been keeping on getting around 33th-44th percentile (which is around 123) on CARS for KAPLAN FL....PANIC! Haven't tried any AAMC materials yet. My exam will be on Aug 19, but seriously thinking about rescheduling to Aug 25. I heard doing MASSIVE practice may help to improve within 2 week...