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  1. D

    Cash only OMT Clinic?

    Is having a cash only OMT clinic feasible? Do you think this would require a full FM/OMM residency and/or NMM/OMM fellowship? Or do you think you could do it after being licensed? (Licensed after 1-2 years of residency vs finishing board certification after 3-4 residency/fellowship). What other...
  2. D

    Uh, Am I Missing Something?

    Just came across an old thread where someone wrote: "I sometimes want to restart my old solo practice, complete with counselor and PT, and make it a cash-only pain practice. No opioids whatsoever. You can come in as many times as you want - and much of the time I would see them and defer to PT...
  3. O

    Cash-Only Cosmetic Derm The Most Potentially Lucrative in 10 Years?

    Thoughts? And if yes, then what sort of numbers are we talking about, and how do those compare to now? If no, which specialties/subspecialties potentially more lucrative? Just curious. Don't hate. OneLoveHomies
  4. Daniel M. Pitta

    Trying to make sense of the debt/odds of opening a cash practice

    I've put a tremendous amount of effort into where I am now, where I'll be applying to ~5 schools in July for the 2017 cycle. As a non-traditional student, I had to go back to take post-grad work, juggling multiple jobs and paying out of pocket for prereqs. maintaining a 3.7 gpa and getting solid...
  5. H

    Reimbursements with high-deductible insurance plans - any real difference than cash-only medicine?

    Let's say that I am a PCP, and one of my patients has a high deductible (say, $5,000) insurance plan (HDP). If I assess their symptoms as having a 99212 level complexity, and their insurer pays $25 for a 99212, do I have to take the $25 (which will be coming from the patient of the HDP) or can I...