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    Is Being a Blood Center Volunteer Clinical?

    Does volunteering at a Blood Center count as medical/clinical experience? I was in constant interaction with the people who donated blood, taking care of them after their donations. Also performed administrative work. Thanks!!
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    Surgery 2017 probability of matching

    US citizen IMG Step1 239 step2 268 CS pass all first time graduate this coming year, no time gaps in my resume. Research experience, case report and several projects under current investigation but not in time for publication by the time applications are due. 2 years of research at Quillen...
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    AMCAS work and activities

    Trying to figure out what to put in my work and activities. I want to make sure I properly represent my achievements while still being relevant. I have the usual, undergraduate research, clinical and volunteering, but there are a few hazing things I'm unsure if I should include: 1. membership...