1. Drangue

    Cedar-Sinai Anesthesia Group - Bill Paxton

    The article says that the anesthesia group just gave them money? Are you not just admitting fault at that point? Bill Paxton’s family reaches $1 million settlement with anesthesia firm over actor’s death "General Anesthesia denied “liability in this matter,” the agency said the settlement...
  2. M

    Healthcare Organization Movement Disorders Fellowship

    Fellowship Vacancy July 2017-June 2018 Cedars-Sinai Movement Disorders Program is looking for a fellow to start July 2017. For application information and more details: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Graduate-Medical-Education/Fellowship-Programs/Movement-Disorders/index.aspx
  3. T

    Thoughts on some programs I'm considering ranking highly?

    Hi, I was hoping anyone might be able to weigh in on these programs as I had a good time during my interviews and believe they'd probably all be able to get me to my eventual goals: UC Irvine Baylor (Houston) Northwestern Cedars-Sinai I know these will be among my top choices, just don't know...