chapter 31

  1. esob

    Potential update to Chapter 31 regarding In-State status

    I'm still parsing this information out, but I was unaware this existed until yesterday. Apparently, a memo came down as part of the veterans transition and benefits act of 2018 that requires schools receiving Chapter 30/31 payments to extend in-state tuition rates to veterans enrolled via those...
  2. BC_89

    Chapter 31 "Qualifying for Voc-Rehab" Journey

    We have a lot of great feedback concerning those using and qualifying for Chapter 31 VR&E Benefits over the past few years on some of our existing threads. I thought I would start a new one to gauge specifically towards the slight changes on Chapter 31 and overcoming Voc-Rehab Counselors...
  3. B

    Chapter 31 and degree type?

    I was accepted into the vocational rehabilitation chapter 31. This pays for my bachelor degree but makes me job focused. So i need and bachelor in something that can land me a job i can work for up to one year, covering as many prerequisites as possible (all would be nice) to apply to med school...