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    For Sale KAPLAN MCAT 3rd Edition,Full set. Accepting offers!!!

    Selling Kaplan 3rd edition full set. Accepting all offers.
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    selling Dat study material set

    Selling: 2013 Dat Destroyer/Math Destroyer Kaplan DAT 8E AP Biology 3E I used them for the 2015 DAT and did pretty well. MSG me if your interested.
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    For Sale MCAT 2015: Kaplan 528 (2015 ed) & Kaplan Complete Set (2012 ed) for sale!

    Open to negotiations on all books. Message me! :panda: Last updated: 03/28/16 Kaplan 528 (2nd ed) $25 OBO - very good condition, writing in <10% of book Kaplan (2012ed), brand new, $15 + S&H (~$7 media mail) - Biology - Ochem - Gchem - Physics
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    Selling MCAT Berkeley Review book set 2012 (full set)

    Hello, I have a MCAT Berkeley Review set (2012) and I don't need them anymore. I also have a lot of previous practice exams and questions. I want to sell them all. The Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!