1. H

    APPE rotations and chronic illness?

    Hey all. I'm a P3 and am getting ready to register for APPE rotations. I've noticed a lot of them are 10ish hour days, starting at 4/5AM, M-F. I have a documented chronic illness where a schedule like this can cause flare-ups. I'm fully aware that this is a requirement for graduation and I'm...
  2. V

    FA 2017 - Chronic gastritis and G cell metaplasia

    Pathoma has no mention of G cell metaplasia associated with chronic gastritis, infact with the chronic autoimmune type why would there be metaplasia of G cells instead a hyperplasia would exist. Can someone clarify this ?
  3. C

    MD & DO REQUEST: List of Reduced Risk of Poor Outcome from Chronic Condition (Treated vs Untreated)

    May you share a list of chronic diseases and an estimated reduced risk of a poor outcome (heart attack, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, blindness, kidney failure, liver failure, death, etc.) from untreated to treated condition. I think an estimated number will give some patients an objective...
  4. ckwsnik

    anyone else balancing a chronic illness and school?

    After being misdiagnosed for several years I finally have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis. I'm wondering if anyone else balances school and their illness? I'm finding it difficult to continue in school and even questioning my ability to be a dentist with this chronic...