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  1. J

    Griffith Medicine 2020

    Hello! Just got into the class of 2020 medicine at Griffith University, just wondering if anyone is also in the same class? I’m coming in from Canada so I won’t know anyone.
  2. D

    SDSU DPT Class of 2021

    Hey guys! Just wanted to see if anyone has heard back yet from San Diego State? Also thought I'd make this to keep everyone updated for anyone interested in attending their program. Currently struggling with their essay and video portion. Any ideas for the video? What has everyone done for...
  3. pandadawn

    USD Sanford School of medicine -POTENTIAL CLASS OS 2020

    Hello everyone who applied to USD Sanford School of Medicine!! I will be attending this fall, and I wanted to reach out to others who know they are going (or still waiting to hear!). The big end-of-application-season meeting has just happened! :eek::nailbiting::heckyeah: So hopefully there...