1. T

    Case Western MS in Medical Physiology 2018-2019

    Hey Y'all, I am surprised no one has made a thread for this program yet! I am considering applying to this program, even though it is a little late. Is anyone planning to attend? I heard great things about this program. Does anyone know how big the class will be for this program? I heard...
  2. SophiaJ666

    Renting APT for rent : close to Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital ,CASE

    I have available for a Big three bedrooms with two bathroom suit. contact : [email protected] Location: apartment in 1351 east blvd,cleveland, 44106 . 5-10 min bike to University Hospitals, Case campus, RTA train station, Cleveland Clinic Duration: One year contact Cost: Monthly rent $1200...
  3. G

    Cleveland Clinic Application

    Hi. I'm an IMG from India. I've taken both IELTS and TOEFL. I got a score of 8 and 100 respectively. However, to apply for an elective at Cleveland Clinic, I understand I require a High Score on my TOEFL Speaking and Writing. I got a 258 on my Step 1. Will they accept an IELTS as a test of...
  4. G

    Can you share your thoughts on these programs?

    The two options I have on my rank list at the moment are a categorical position at Brookdale hospital in Brooklyn and a preliminary position at case western reserve in Cleveland. I need any input I can get if any one has any experience with the surgery programs in either place? How does CW treat...
  5. L

    Cleveland Housing Recommendations?

    I am pretty sure I am going to match in Cleveland. The hospital recommended a new website called MyMedHousing.com Has anyone tried it? I guess it is exclusive to Cleveland.