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    UT/ A&M Pharmacy

    Has anybody heard back from Texas a&m or UT college of pharmacy?
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    UTHSC Pharmacy School

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone was planning on applying to UTHSC Pharmacy School in Memphis this fall, or if there are any pharmacy students that currently attend and would be willing to give some advice on admissions? Thank you!
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    ** Univeristy Of Texas COP 2021**

    Couldn't find a thread yet for the application this year for UT Austin! I submitted for early decision and wanted to see if anyone else is on here who did the same!
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    University of South Florida College of Pharmacy [2016-2017 Cycle Applicants]

    Hello, I haven't seen a USF COP thread for Fall 2017 admission yet. The supplemental application should be live August 1st. Good luck to all applying!