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  1. O

    Employment & Professional Networking Burnout in Occupational Therapy - Survey Request

    Hello everyone! 🤗 I know that this network is mostly utilized by students, but I'm posting my survey anyway in case there are some practicing OTs visiting. I’m an OTD student in the process of completing my doctoral capstone project on burnout in occupational therapy. I'm investigating what...
  2. A

    General Admissions & OTCAS Help! Interview and 'group problem solving activity' for OTA program I applied to.

    I have this coming up on Monday and I'm terrified. Anyone have any tips? I'm kind of super confused and curious as to what the group problem solving activity would be like. As anyone experienced anything like this? What was it like? Also if anyone wants to share any questions they were asked...
  3. M

    Other OT-Related Information Requesting COTA informational interview

    Hello! Can you, or someone you know, please take the time for a brief informational interview for the COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) position? I want to know what it's like, the pros and cons, and advice you might have. In-person, Skype, or phone those would all work well for...
  4. K

    Other OT-Related Information COTA looking for funding options

    I will be graduating in November and I am very interested in working and to one day opening a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. My question is where would I look to find funding to open a facility?
  5. chewy2y

    Employment & Professional Networking Supervision as a new grad

    Hello everyone, I'm about to graduate as an COTA and I'm wondering what everyone else has experienced with supervision when they first entered the field. Did you find you were receiving the support you needed? How was the communication between you and those more experienced than you? If you had...
  6. P

    H1B Sponsorship for california licensed PT, SLP, OT

    Premier Rehab Services is interested in H1B visa sponsorship for California licensed (or in process) Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. The H1B employment visa program opens on April 1st each year for a week and runs through a lottery for 85000...