crna supervision

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    Being useful as a CRNA

    As a long-time SDNer, I wanted to make this new account to post this. I have long been set on medicine (actually have applied this cycle), but I have come to realize that I am not sure that I want to make the sacrifices necessary spending time away from my husband and children. With that being...
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    When to call the Attending... for residents or CRNAs.

    I'm trying to find a guideline for when a hands-on provider should call the attending anesthesiologist. Does anyone have something that they can share with me? Acute Blood Loss Surgeon Concern for coagulopathy - Coag/TEG Studies sent Hemodynamic instability requiring an increase in...
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    We NEED to respond ASAP - 60 days

    The VA nursing handbook appears to be moving forward to MANDATE independent practice of all APRN's (including CRNAs) without supervision by a physician in the VA. We have 60 days to make public comments about why we disapprove of our veterans getting a lower standard of care. Recognize that as...