1. Akam ahz

    Understanding developmental groove in teeth

    Hello, I'm a first year dental student, and in my dentition book I came across the topic of "crown depressions" in which the author says about the developmental groove in posterior teeth: "Grooves act as spill ways for cusps during lateral and protrusive jaw motions." I don't get the...
  2. Mikkay

    opinions and help on my waxup

    so im a dental technician student and was working on models that were provided from the school and was doing fine but then the assistant gave me patient model and now its confusing me a bit cz the teeth arent so straight as from the college models and i would like your opinions on how to make it...
  3. doctor dolittle

    Crown & bridge preparation: do you known any didactic DVD ?

    Please write anything you think that could be helpful to learn crown and bridge preparation.