dat breakdown 25 aa

  1. Empathetic Dreamer

    DAT Breakdown (25 AA/ 23 PAT / 23 TS)

    Hey guys, took the DAT today and I'll try to keep this brief and share what I thought the most important things were that helped me feel prepared. I followed Ari's 10 week study schedule for about 5 weeks, then messed around and took a two week hiatus, then studied on my own for about a week...
  2. disharmony

    DAT Breakdown - 25 AA/26 TS/ 21 PAT

    PAT - 21 QR - 24 RC - 21 Bio - 24 GC - 26 OC - 30 TS - 26 AA - 25 I used Ari's study schedule, but didn't keep to it religiously. I started studying mid-late May and took the exam this past Tuesday, 7/26. When reviewing, I focused on finding and understanding the right solution whenever I got...