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  1. mOlar1!

    DAT prep material/study schedule. Any advice?

    Hello, I am new here so please pardon if I don't do or answer something the right way. I made this thread to ask if I am on the right track in terms of studying because I didn't know who to ask for guidance. Any advice or recommendation would be very helpful. Okay so I scheduled to take my DAT...
  2. A


    Hey guys, I wanted to know where to start with arguably one of the hardest section on the Dat the Pat section. My questions are where do I start to build a good foundation and what materials/methods I can use and learn to consistently score 20+. I am a novice at this section so if anybody could...
  3. T

    CrackDAT coupon code

    Hi All, I am wondering if you know any CrackDAT coupon codes? Thank you very much!!
  4. 8

    DAT Bootcamp PAT VS Real DAT PAT

    So I know this question has been asked on this site 2-3 years ago(or..whenever), but I just wanted to hear more recent answers from the latest people that took the DAT. How similar do you think the PAT section is on DAT Bootcamp compared to the Actual DAT. I'm talking like every PAT section on...