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    destroyer gen chem 162

    Consider hydrozoic acid, HN3. The Ka at 25 degree celsius is 2 x 10^-5. Which of these statements will be true if HN3 was put into solution. a) [N3-] = [H+] at equilibrium b) [H+] = 3[N-] at equilibrium c) [H+]>[N-3] at equilibrium d) A .10 M solution of HN3 has a pH of 5.2 the correct answer...
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    Destroyer Gen CHEM QUESTION

    Guys i have a question about calculating ph problem.. I've been doing this one weird method for every one of those problems and it works.. i want to run it by u guys and see if this is even a thing or I'm just getting lucky lmao so the question states: What is the pH of 1.0 x 10^-4 M Ca(OH)2...