1. DDental777

    Will i get in ?!?

    Just took dat 18 pat 17 qr 18 rc 21 bio 21 chem 19 orgo Ts 21 AA 19 Gpa 3.5 sGpa 3.0 1.Volunteer 100~hrs 2.Dental assistent 3.shadow 300~ hrs 4.community service 100 hrs Let me get the truth in your opinion . Thank you all

    Non-Trad Apps: Low DAT, still applying to schools with late admissions, any feedback/advice?

    Hi All This is my first public post, but the people on here have been so amazing and thoughtful, it is only fair to share my performance (or lack thereof) and continue to request any advice anyone is generous enough to give To get out of my comfort zone and blast out of my insecurity, I got...
  3. D

    Post bacc programs that dont require DAT

    Hi, I'm currently a undergrad senior looking for a post-bacc program. I had planned to take the DAT sometime in April, but don't know if it would be a good idea, especially with my classes this quarter. I think it would just be a good idea to take it during the summer and have ample time to...