1. Lil Red PrePsy Student

    MSW DEA's Policies on LCSWs and Prescription Privileges

    So I was researching prescription privileges and becoming a PsyD because of reasons that are important rn and I stumbled upon the DEA's definition of mid level practitioner as they pertain to the ability to prescribe meds. On that list is an LCSW and I thought um FURNT wrong, I am pretty sure...
  2. A

    CII written by resident in hospital that uses Hospital's DEA#

    The other day I received an oxycodone 10mg script #360 pills. After putting it in our system, the system flags that the DEA # isn't matching to the prescriber. I checked PMP but couldn't find anything on the patient since the Rx was from another state. When I called the hospital, I found out...
  3. O

    Applying for Texas DPS & DEA

    I'm a resident of Texas, just received my temporary license (permanent license to be issued in September) and was hoping to go ahead and start the application process for my DPS number. The DPS application asks for a current board license number... does this mean I cannot apply for my DPS number...