1. yankpak786

    Selling: NBDE Part 1 study materials

    Hi there, Recently passed the NBDE Part 1, and I am now selling an entire package for the NBDE Part 1. 2017 Edition of NBDE Part 1 Dental Decks, mint condition (neatly organized into 14-day study schedule) Kaplan NBDE part 1 study guide First Aid NBDE part 1 book ASDA released Q's booklet...
  2. P

    For Sale Dental Decks NBDE Part 2 2014 Like New

    ***Decks and First Aid are sold. Mosbys for Part 2 is still available. I also have Mosby's for Part 2, and First Aid for Part 1 if you're interested. Both are also in like new condition. Mosby's is the international edition. Feel free to shoot me an email or message! $40 each for the...
  3. H

    NBDE Part 1 Materials (2014 Decks, First Aid Third Edition, Remembered Questions, ASDA, QBANK)

    My wife cleared her part 1 exam in March 2016 with all this material! What is included is Dental Decks Part 1 2014 Edition, First Aid Third Edition, KAPLAN QBANKS, ASDA Released, and a ton of notes and remembered questions that are extremely helpful! PM or reply back to me if your interested!