1. nebuchadnezzarII

    USMLE How long to take for dedicated STEP-1 studying for a below average student?

    I understand that several threads similar to this have been made, but I've been finding too much irrelevant and contradictory information. A lot of these threads don't seem to address the concerns of struggling students. So, I thought I'd ask for myself and on behalf fellow below-average...
  2. T

    UWorld blocks on unfamiliar material?

    Would you recommend starting random UWorld question blocks even if I haven't seen the content in months? I'm starting my dedicated now and it seems like a waste to do questions for say pulmonology when I likely remember maybe 15% of that material from my class and the FA I read at that time...
  3. P

    200 on NBME after 7 wks of studying

    Hi all. I've been studying for Step 1 for the past 7 weeks. Here is the progression I've had thus far: CBSE: 168 NBME 17: 178 USWA 1: 205 NBME 15: 198 NBME 13: 201 My question is: what should I do to improve in the next 7 weeks? My goal score is a 230 but I'll be happy with a 210-220. Is that...