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  1. T

    Dental Contract Signing

    Hello all, I am getting some contract offers and I’m finishing up Dental School now and I am wondering what does it mean to sign these contracts? I have some of the DSO’s giving an offer and putting an expiration date of like 10 days to sign? One in particular is Aspen and they said I would...
  2. tlnjd117

    Dental Assistant Job (No Experience!) - LA Area

    Hi everyone! I am currently working at a dental office in Encino, CA (perfect location for someone in LA and the surrounding areas). I have been accepted to dental school and will be starting in a few weeks - therefore I am looking to replace my position as a dental assistant at my current...
  3. udba

    Dentist Associates Needed in Pittsburgh, PA

    Two full time or part time dentists needed - minimum 3 days a week. One needed for the Greensburg, PA area and one needed in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. Competitive salary and benefits. Please let me know if you or someone you know may have an interest. You can reach me at...