dental license

  1. dentaltab4life

    ไทย - Dental Accreditation in Thailand

    Are there any Thai dentists or Thai dental students on this International Dentist forum? I am looking for help in understanding and preparing for the accreditation process for overseas dentists seeking a license in Thailand. For context, I am a 2nd year dental student at a school in the US. I...
  2. FlossyPossy7

    State Licensure

    Hey, I am a current 3rd year dental student in Florida. Looking ahead, I was wondering how multiple state licenses work. Say for example, I wanted to be licensed in Florida and Ohio. Would I have to take different tests in both states or is there one test that would get me a license for both...
  3. S

    Civil infraction level offense with an arrest

    I can tell this issue has been hashed out a lot but I haven't seen anything about my specific situation. I was "arrested" at a concert in New Hampshire for possession of alcohol which I believe is an MIP. Thankfully, NH only has it at a violation level equivalent to traffic tickets so it is NOT...
  4. D

    Dental State Licenses

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on attending dental school out of state and trying to figure out how state licences work and their flexibility. I am most likely not going to live in the state where I go to dental school so I was wondering how it works to switch states. I was reading about the Southern...