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    Dentin for pt 2 enough for NDBE II, day 2?

    Topic. I'm pretty sure the book covers the first day on perio, pedo, ortho and such, but what about day 2? I'm pretty sure day 2 is case-based, but can I get through it with Dentin for part II alone? What am I supposed to do on day 2? One pic, one question, 5 choices? Or one case, and you plan...
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    NBDE 1 study material POLL?

    Please only vote if you have taken the NBDE1 boards and have used one of the study materials listed!
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    DENTIN for NDBE 1-2016

    Can someone share their experience using the new DENTIN 2016 NBDE 1 book? How does it compare to other books like kaplan lecture notes/first aid? Is it sufficient enough alone? How did it related to the actual NBDE1? Any responses will help. Thanks.