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    DENTPIN Question

    Hello, This is a random question. I signed up for a date to take the DATs before I had all of the information. I thought I had a set list of dental schools I wanted to apply to and I did not realize that when registering for your exam that you could leave all of the dental school boxes...
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    Confused on DAT application

    Hello all! So from what I understand, the basic process is: obtain DENTPIN; apply for DAT and get approval; then actually schedule DAT date and choose colleges to send scores to. I plan to take my DAT Feb 2018, and applications open June 2018. So what I want to make sure is it is still...
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    Need New DAT Eligibility period?

    Hi there, So I applied for a DENTPIN back in june of 2016 and unfortunately was unable to take the test by december. I didn't show up for the test date that was scheduled in december, as I was told that by doing that I could just apply to retake the test without the 90 day waiting period...
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    Dentpin registration error

    Hey guys, first post here. I'm Going to take my DAT at the end of the summer. When I try to register for a Dentpin, on the second page where I have to enter a password and security question and answer, after entering the information and pressing the submit button, I get a notice saying: "NULL...