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    University of Washington closing dept of psychiatry?

    Read this article online this morning. Any word from residents or those involved in the program? Would be a major blow. I cannot post the article link because I just created this SDN account today, but it can be found at the Daily UW student newspaper, under the most popular articles section...
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    AMCAS Courses: Include Department?

    My transcript has the course like this: CHEM L07 111A 3.0 (grade) It is a chemistry course worth 3 credits. L07 is like the department code for the chemistry department. When I enter this course into AMCAS should I use the whole "CHEM L07 111A" for the course number or just "CHEM 111A" ...
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    Recommendations for specialty or department to rotate in Thailand Chiang Mai University

    I'm planning on doing a 4th yr international rotation at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I will be there for a month. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what department would be a great experience to rotate in? Departments: Anesthesiology, Community medicine, FM, IM, Ob/gyn...