1. The Dude....

    Current AD Officer - cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT ##

    cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT- Haven't taken yet, but projecting a 32 to 34 after practice tests Age: 30 Non-Traditional- Family, three kids Bachelors: HIM (Texas State University) Initial bad grades and withdrawals during freshman and sophomore year with strong upward trend, culminating with Deans...
  2. F

    Deployment Question

    I am currently in the process of applying for the Army HPSP scholarship. I have spoken with my recruiter, and he has told me something that I think is not accurate. I've read on these forums that deployments during the active duty obligation can be sent anywhere and from 9-15 months at a time...
  3. ThisisReality

    Advice Need: Possible 12 Month Deployment

    I am an infantryman in the National Guard, and my unit this past weekend was given a warning order of a possible deployment to the Middle East in the middle of next spring semester. Nothing is set in stone or guaranteed yet. I am not against deploying, but the timing is the problem: I am a...
  4. S

    DOMRB in theater

    I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. If a specialist is DOMRB eligible and decides to sign on for 4 more years while they are located in a designated tax free zone such as CENTCOM, do they receive only the first $50,000 installment tax free? Or are all subsequent anniversary...
  5. K

    Army New change in deployment lengths

    New Army policy has just changed deployment lengths for medical/dental personnel to 9 months. The deployments will not be split in half anymore as has previously been done.