dermatopathology fellowship

  1. I

    Can path-trained dermatopathologists function as dermatologists as well?

    Let's say a pathologist went on to do a dermatopathology fellowship, could said dermatopathologist function as a dermatologist as well? For example, could they do their own biopsies, skin cancer screenings, get patient interaction, etc.?
  2. H

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2020-21

    UPMC sending out interviews Indiana University filled Feel free to update any new information
  3. P

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2019-2020

    Hey guys starting thread for 2019-2020 Dermpath fellowship interview season.. Following programs are filled or not taking applications so far Northwestern Wake Forest Cleveland Clinic UVA Yale Baylor Feel free to update the list and share any news on interviews invite..Thanks. Best to all...
  4. NuclearDust

    Dermpath Trained (now what): Dermpath only or General Practice?

    Looking for advice/thoughts/perspective from anyone out there on the topic of decisiding on a practice setting after fellowship training in dermpath. Background: I am an AP/CP resident that will be completing Dermpath training at a large academic institution. I generally like all of pathology...