1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Application Essay Tip: The Devil is in the Details

    You can argue about the devil, but certainly the substance, distinctiveness, and success of your essays depends on the details. Bringing Out Your Uniqueness in the Details Many applicants tend to bury their uniqueness and success under vague assertions. You don’t want to hide your achievements...
  2. B

    PharmCAS Personal Statement (identifying details)

    So, in the personal statement, I'm wondering whether admission committees would want me to include the identifying details of my experiences. For instance, I worked at CVS pharmacy as a technician for about a year. Would they prefer: "I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year at CVS...
  3. J

    Looking for psychiatry residency details

  4. MagentaKarma

    Any study tips before starting medical school? I'm a big picture person and details freak me out.

    I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum about people who barely studied in college/undergrad (1-3 hours a day) and transitioned to an average of 5 hours a day of studying in medical school. I don't know if I am abnormally slow or something but I feel like I always studied around 5-6...