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  1. M

    Remote Side Job for Med School graduates (no residency match? no problem!)

    Do you have significant medical student loans preventing you from having an allowance for fun? Did you graduate from Medical School and get snubbed by residency programs? Are you a practicing physician with a desire to pursue a career outside of practicing medicine? We have an opportunity...
  2. idontwantnoscrubs

    Other Responses wanted: Did you SOAP or not match?

    Hello! I am a graduating 4th year medical student and writing an article about students that don't match to a residency positions. I respect that this is a sensitive subject that impacts each individual's careers and take care to keep information anonymous unless you would prefer it to be shared...
  3. P

    Multiple Attempts and Matched (2016)- Took 7 Steps to get to Residency. Hope this Helps

    Been a long time forum reader but I was never the type to post things. I’m the kind of person that really relied on the “misery likes company” cliche. Whenever I had any problems regarding medical school or this whole application process, I would surf these forums to look for people in the...