1. S

    Concerned about Dental School Rigors/Mental Health

    Hello SDN. Want to thank you for your responses ahead of time. I have been accepted to multiple dental schools and hold seats at 3 schools. I am highly concerned about mental health after talking to a student at Maryland. The other schools are Penn and Buffalo. I recently was speaking to a...
  2. Franzliszt1

    Mental health issues and secondaries

    Dear SDN, Hope you all are doing well. What is the general wisdom about invoking experiences with my own mental health on a short secondary essay about "obstacles" or "challenges"ect..? Would I be better off discussing financial difficulties? Any and all opinions are appreciated.
  3. H

    Inquire about getting Medical License Licensure with 12 months of combined residency credit

    I am a US Medical Graduate and my situation is bad and I know I have an uphill battle. My question is to see if anyone here has gotten a medical license from a US state and/or territory by combining two different residency credits to be at or above 12 months of credit. I know it has been done...