disaster medicine

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    PA vs MD for disaster medicine

    Hey all, I know PA vs MD is a common question but I couldn't find any threads on disaster medicine specifically. I'm a third year undergrad currently; I want to go into a healthcare career specifically doing domestic and international disaster response. I am interested both in patient care and...
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    Pre-Med Education in Trauma Counseling or Disaster Medicine

    Thanks for Reading! A little bit of Background: I'm an EMT, and I want to eventually be an ER Physician. In December 2018 I'll have a BS in Behavioral Health Psychology, and in December 2020 I'll have a BS in Nursing. The way my BSN is structured, I have a significant amount of space left over...
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    Disaster Medicine Fellowship

    Hi - I am new to the student doctor forums. One of the medical students just told me about it. I am the fellowship director for the UMass Disaster Medicine fellowship. I've seen some questions come up on the forums about DM fellowships and I am happy to give some input on this topic. Send me...