1. P

    PhD/PsyD Disorders vs general issues of functioning- which is more impressive to research?

    For an aspiring psychologist (PhD, PsyD level), is working with issues involving families, marital discord, emotional regulation in children, etc. considered less "prestigious" than working with real disorders of psychopathology like depression and OCD? I.e. would it be more impressive to have...
  2. deathmerchant

    Movement Disorders Fellowship

    Hey guys ! Anyone have an idea about different movement disorders fellowship programs? Like which ones are the best academically/clinically/research wise etc. And is there an unofficial ranking of sorts. Clearly, the quality of training/reputation/ranking is different for medical schools...
  3. M

    I am growing these weird creepy bumps on my skin. Can somebody explain what this is??

    Just last night I saw these weird round bumps growing on my skin. They amalgamate in certain areas and I have no idea what they are. I barely noticed them at first, so they didn't itch at the time, but after I changed clothes I found them on my skin! I put some medicine on it (the yellow...