dit 2017

  1. torsadesdepointes500

    Selling DIT 2017 USMLE STEP 1

    PM me your best offer. Thanks!
  2. H

    DIT Step 2 CK For Sale

    Selling 2017 DIT Step 2 CK Course, ready-to-activate with unopened book. Our school buys it for us but I have already started using other resources. Goes for about $800 usually, asking for $450 for course + accompanying book. Again, course has not been activated; you can do that whenever you're...
  3. gimv

    Doctors In Training Part 2 Assessments

    Has anyone done these? What is the format, NBME-ish, 7 blocks, etc? Here is a screenshot of my homepage, I don't know if they might be new to DIT 2017. Any help would be appreciated.