1. HealthNombreUno

    Having Doubts....

    New here so please excuse any mistakes. I've been wanting to go to medical school for almost my entire life. I just love healthcare in general. Recently I've been having doubts about medical school because I can't handle stress that well and I'm afraid I won't be happy working so much. I was...
  2. tarsuc

    Is there a updated drug of choice list floating around?

    Is there a list of drug of choices for the step1 around - first/second line and what to use in case of allergy etc? Where can i learn these together? antimicrobials and others too?
  3. D

    Done with considering medicine as a career???

    I'm back again SDN. I've been on SDN for a whole year now. I've found a couple of useful tips and resources...for people who already has something established. Unfortunately, I'm not that person. I've barely taken any science classes. I purposely took non-science(electives) so I could transfer...
  4. P

    Can a ND become a Psychiatrist?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I just graudated with a BS in psychology as a pre-med student. I have taken all pre-med classes at my state college except for Anatomy and Physiology. I have heard mixed feedback on whether a naturopathic doctor could get licensed as a Psychiatrist. I...
  5. F

    How do I become a surgeon?(personalized) help)

    Am still in high school. Freshman year first semmester I got F's and D's 2nd semmester my gpa was 3.3. Currently am a sophmore I have D's & F's. I was thinking about taking the California High School Profficiancy Exam in March and not continue w/ highschool make up the A-G requirements at a...