doctors in training for sale

  1. torsadesdepointes500

    Selling DIT 2017 USMLE STEP 1

    PM me your best offer. Thanks!
  2. A

    DIT Step 2 CK for sale

    Hello everyone My girlfriend and I are selling the DITs for step 2 CK. We are students at nsucom and the school buys us dit but we are not going to use DITs course. Each course has two months of online access and an unopened step 2 CK book. I will send you my login info which you can change...
  3. K

    USMLE DIT 2014 Selling it!

    Hey alll so Im selling my DIT 2014. i won a free access before i bought this one. So if your interested then message me and we can discuss further on it! i will sell it for 500$ . 2014 has the same material as 2015, just minor changes that really dont matter to be honest.