1. G

    Program-Specific Info / Q's nyit dorms

    Does anyone currently live in the nyit/suny old westbury dorms? I'm going to be staying there starting this May and would just like some opinions especially on the summer housing. Thanks!
  2. neurome

    SGU January Class 2017

    Hi Everyone, I know it is still a bit early in the game but i am so excited about this next phase of our lives. This thread is to provide an avenue for students who have been accepted into the January 2017 entering class at SGUSOM to interact before a Facebook page pops up for us. I have been...
  3. T

    I need guidance on how to continue Pre-Med ?! Please help. I am in doubts.

    I am currently a 2nd semester sophmore bio major with a 3.0 gpa. w doubts on whether if i should go on to Med School . My Last resort would be carribean or a foreign med school or even PA school. - Freshman Year took pre calc, macroeconomics, intro to psychology, english, I have received...
  4. BioForLife

    NYU Dorm Question

    Hey, all. I was wondering: are dental students allowed to live in med student's dorms at NYU? I asked this question during my interview but the person I asked was unsure and did not know anyone in that situation.