dpt programs

  1. P

    DPT schools that allow more then two prerequisites outstanding

    Hey all, So my question is what schools are you aware of that will allow applications from prospective students that have more then 2 prerequisite classes outstanding? I am switching careers (BS and MS in Environmental Studies) and I am currently taking the prerequisite courses. I am...
  2. pmaq

    HELP , in dire need of tips & advice . DPT , GRE , the whole shabang !

    3.35 GPA , 500+ PT Observations hours and still need to take the GRE I realize my GPA isn't the best , but what are some things I can do to increase my chance. Also, does anyone know of any schools that are known for accepting applicants like myself ? I have been looking to apply to Western ...
  3. S

    University of Washington or Regis?

    I'm a california resident, debating my acceptances to UW and Regis. University of Washington is public, so I'd be paying a hefty out-of-state tuition. I personally like Seattle better, but UW would be 40,000$ more in total tuition. I liked Regis when I visited, so I feel like I'd be happy at...